THE UK TOUR! On the 20th August David & Cooper will be manning a support crew mini bus filled with spares and snacks to follow a group of elite athletes on the UK’s toughest cycle (Lands end to John o groats)

This is a brutal 1600km journey one end of the country to the other, covering twice the height of Everest. In 6 days!

Along the way David & Cooper will also be doing a 5k at every destination stop 🏃🏻‍♂️

WHY ARE WE DOING THIS you may ask? To raise money for the Stan Bowley Trust!

The charity is working hard to increase the facilities across the country to enable cyber knife treatment to take place. Cyberknife is a robotic radiotherapy that can deliver high doses of radiation with sub millimetre accuracy giving hope where there was previously none!

If you would like to donate to our cause please head over to our Facebook page for the link OR if you would like to sponsor us and have your logo on our kit please get in touch 📩 Thank you! #stanbowleytrust