How did it lead to here? From a 105kg guy working on a computer 9 til 5 to doing my first Ultra Marathon in the space of 2 years?

First off if you haven’t seen my journey in loosing 25kg in 6 months whilst at the same time learning to run, swim and ride road bike to do an Ironman 70.3 then take a look here

After that, I kinda got the bug. During Iron Man training, the running was the one thing I hated most! But afterwards weirdly it was the one thing I wanted to go out and do more! I then grew a love for it. I can only describe running as being like olives, every one hates them at first.. but eat enough and you’ll grow to love them!

So I kept up the running and was now doing 5 or 10ks once or twice a week with a half marathon or so quite comfortably most weekends.

But the thrill of the impossible challenge had gone.. so I needed a new one! At first I thought about a Marathon but it didn’t seem ‘impossible’ enough. I figured if I could run 15 miles most weekends then 26 miles felt within reach. Secondly I thought of a full Iron Man, but again this felt within the limits of possibility to me.

At the same time my bug for running had grown more and more, so my audiobook collection started filling up with titles such as :

  • ‘Born to run’ – Christopher McDougell
  • ‘Eat and Run : My Unlikely Journey’ – Scott Jurek
  • ‘Endure’ – Alex Hutchinson
  • ‘Finding Ultra’ – Rich Roll
  • After reading these

The more I read, the more the term ‘Ultra Marathon’ seemed to be the end game for most. This was it.. this was what I needed. This felt impossible!

So I researched Ultras in the UK and ‘Race to the Stones’ appeared top of the list on most results. It was a 100k run, voted best endurance race in the UK, had amazing views following the oldest path in Britain through ancient monuments to the largest megalithic stone monument in Europe. People travelled from all over the world to enter. This felt like the one

So almost 12 months to the date if buying my Iron Man ticket with no previous experience, I did the same again. I booked on to the single day 24 hour Race to the Stones.

Now I just needed to research training. I created my own personal training plan based on a large amount of online research, blogs, videos and books!

From the extensive research I believe I have now put together THE perfect all round 100k Ultra Training plan for someone starting at my level of half marathon ability.


(The plan is personalised in that I shoe horned a family holiday in there and 2 additional events and you can also personalise this to suit you, as long as the overall premise is the same)

The interesting thing is that training was just about running further and further. It’s about learning to run slower, strength and core training and things like yoga for full body conditioning.

I am now 3 weeks into training at present and have I have also changed up my diet based on a recent book i’ve read called ‘Primal Endurance’ which will allow me to go further using body fat as fuel without relying purely on sugars and carbs which can result in the runners. I talk more about this on our social media channels and will update progress in future videos too.

Check out my first video below on training progress. I will be providing periodic training updates monthly leading up to the big day too. You can Subscribe on Youtube for updates on this and any future events as they come in.

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More updates coming soon!